Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tameside General Hospital - Tameside - February 2011

Another early morning visit with NickUK

This is the Stamford Building at Tameside Hospital, which is currently in the process of being demolished..

We arrived on site under the cover of darkness, made our way in using crazy access. Next thing, we come back to where we started, the lights are on, generators are buzzing and men are shouting. We finished up and went on our way...

A full report of the site can be found on 28DaysLater HERE

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sleaford 'Bass' Maltings - Jan 2011

This was site Nummer Zwei of our Lincoln Visit (Visited with Zero81 & Only2Eyes)

The maltings were bigger, much bigger than what was expected. You could probably spend a whole day exploring them all, they're all accessible but I imagine they're all also very similar.

We bumped into some other explorers from Nottingham whilst in the water tower and security did the typical drive by, sit around and bugger off routine... The day went relatively hitch free...

Full report of the site can be found on 28DaysLater HERE

Lincoln County Hospital - Jan 2011

Lincoln County Hospital was visited with Zero81 & Only2Eyes.

It was a day of much fun and adrenaline. After a hairy 2 hour drive over the moor's onto the M1 and into Lincoln we were glad to arrive. After some squabbling around the site our planned access had been sealed and the workers were in...

Generators were buzzing away, men were shouting and hammer's were banging. Bugger...

However, we'd not travelled almost 100 miles to do the same again without result, so it was in, the most blatant access ever. 

Straight in and up the stairs, lucky... 


A full report of the site can be found here at 28DaysLater HERE

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